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6 Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay prides itself on a wonderful water-based getaway for seasoned travelers. It is no surprise that cultures, scenic landscapes, and history on offer here is vast. Due to this reason, many cruise lines sail to Lan Ha Bay. Below we have picked some of the finest cruise ships in Lan Ha Bay and the most suitable choice is yours.

1. Peony Cruises

Launched in late October 2018, the 4-star Peony has become the best mid-range cruise on Lan Ha Bay. The cruise treats travelers to a unique cruising experience without blowing away their budget. Interior is a perfect fusion charming Vietnamese traditional architecture and stylish European breakthrough. Outstanding features of the ship include innovative design, spacious accommodations with private balcony, impeccable 5-star services, and excellent upscale dining options.

Destination-focused itineraries to the less touristic Lan Ha Bay are a couple of things that set Peony cruise apart from other lines. Visitors will join a range of activities such as discover untouched Tra Bau area and socialize with locals, admire Trung Trang valley, kayak at Ao Ech area, swimming and try rowing bamboo boat.

2. Orchid Cruises

In the same fleet with Peony cruise, Orchid cruise carries a high level of luxury and personalization. The chic design of wooden furniture fitted with fine black & white pictures and high-end amenities in each cabin match the upscale atmosphere on the ship. All accommodations are spacious, well-equipped with stunning décor of exotic wood, large balcony, marble bathroom, and bathtub, making them the best choice for families and groups of travelers.

Each exotic voyage has been meticulously tailored to bring the charm of Lan Ha Bay to more seasoned travelers. Wonderful landscapes include Trung Trang valley, Tra Bau area, and Viet Hai fishing village. Especially, an exclusive departure from Got pier reduces transfer time to only 2.5 hours from Hanoi.

3. Stellar of the Seas Cruises

Stellar of the Seas boasts a top pick for a high-end cruise in Lan Ha Bay. A winning combination of contemporary luxury and authentic décor definitely impresses passengers from the first step onboard. 22 well-appointed staterooms cater all kinds of cruisers, from families to couples and solo travelers thanks to unparalleled services and world-class facilities that few other rival lines can match.

Intrepid travelers will never feel bored with a unique itinerary and culturally-enriching voyages pioneering to several enticing, less-visited places of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay namely Lagoon nature area, Viet Hai village, Dark & Bright cave and Ao Ech area.

4. Genesis Luxury Regal Cruises

Despite being a newcomer, Genesis Regal cruise stands out amongst high-quality cruises sailing to Lan Ha Bay for its premium cruising services and ultimate luxurious facilities. This 5-star metal vessel features the royal elegance of Neoclassic French-Indochine design and traditional meticulous decoration. 20 staterooms of different types proudly offer an indulgent night’s sleep to customers.

The best way to marvel at Lan Ha Bay’s timeless beauty is enjoying sensational voyages offered by the Genesis Luxury Regal cruise. Check out some faraway destinations including Dark & Light Cave, Viet Hai Village and join a range of seasonal activities for perfect leisure.

5. Azalea Cruises

As one of the best cruises in Lan Ha Bay, Azalea Cruise puts luxury and femininity on its priority list. The cruise features contemporary style while the interior is tastefully-equipped with modern amenities. Azalea cruise greets travelers with 20 luxurious cabins generously placed across the deck that secure an unbeatable relaxing environment. Staterooms are among the largest with large windows opening toward the sea, complimentary fruit baskets and extra bed options.

What’s more, Azalea cruise takes you to some of the worthiest tourist attractions around Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay namely Trung Trang cave, Tra Bau area, Viet Hai village, and Ao Ech area. Wonderful trips are complemented by thrilling activities such as kayaking, swimming, fishing and cooking class.

6. Maya Cruises

Maya Cruise is a 4-star cruise that combines Vietnamese traditional style and the French architecture in its design. She caters to top-notch services and the highest safety standards to satisfy the world’s most discerning travelers. Maya cruise uniquely offers the floating-city experience of larger ships with deluxe en-suite cabins which are fully-furnished with state-of-the-art facilities and fruits and local green tea.

With a well-researched itinerary, Maya cruise sails passengers to Lan Ha Bay, a quiet tourist paradise in Vietnam. From here, you can admire the crystal clear waters of Tra Bau area, see a 100-year-old lighthouse built by the French on Da Chong islet and join several fun-filled activities.

Last updated: September 29, 2019

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