Squid Fishing


Squid fishing is considered the most engaging activity in the evening for many cruises. However, please be noted that this activity can only be held when weather permits. Normally, the ideal time for squid fishing is from April to around January of the next year. In the early season, squid is very small, so, if you want to catch the biggest squid, visit Halong Bay in the peak season of squid, from August to December, especially in October and November (see Best time to visit Halong Bay for more information).

When the night falls, after enjoying a delectable dinner onboard, those who want to be engaged in squid fishing will be provided fishing gears like fishing rods and racquets. Lucky or experiences guest can catch 15 – 20 squids per night. Are you confident with your fishing experience or your luck?

Cruises that offer Squid Fishing

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