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Embark on an Exclusive Voyage: Private Charter Cruises in Halong Bay

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    • Grand Pioneers Cruise (formally Essence Grand)
      Grand Pioneers Cruise (formally Essence Grand) 13+ booked in the last 24 hours
    • Scarlet Pearl Cruise
      Scarlet Pearl Cruise 12+ booked in the last 24 hours
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    Private charter cruises: Our June top picks

    • Cabin(s) 1
    • Type Wooden Boat
    • Built 2010
    Enquire now
    From US$340 p/person
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    • Cabin(s) 1
    • Type Steel Boat
    • Built 2003
    Enquire now
    From US$240 p/person
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    • Cabin(s) 4
    • Type Wooden Boat
    • Built 2007

    Thank you the team for taking care of my family. We had a nice time. The bay was poetic and …

    Madeline ‒ US
    Enquire now
    From US$190 p/person
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    • Cabin(s) 4
    • Type Wooden Boat
    • Built 2015
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    From US$350 p/person
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    • Cabin(s) 4
    • Type Wooden Boat
    • Built 2015

    My boyfriend and I were impressed by the service. The crew was super friendly and caring. We were well fed …

    Tina ‒ Canada
    Enquire now
    From US$170 p/person
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    • Cabin(s) 4
    • Type Wooden Boat
    • Built 2022
    Enquire now
    From US$250 p/person
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    79 Free Kayaking
    • Cabin(s) 5
    • Type Steel Boat
    • Built 2019

    Magnificent views. The ship itself was spacious with modern facilities. The accommodation was great. The food was plentiful and the …

    LUKE ‒ Norway
    Enquire now
    From US$360 p/person
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    • Cabin(s) 6
    • Type Wooden Boat
    • Built 2009

    Activities and relaxation were perfectly balanced in the 2 night tour. Highly recommend!

    Vanessa ‒ New Zealand
    Enquire now
    From US$455 p/person
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    225 Free Kayaking
    • Cabin(s) 7
    • Type Wooden Boat
    • Built 2005

    Our group of friends stayed for one night. The room was small but still efficient. The food was tasty. The …

    Jenny ‒ Singapore
    Enquire now
    From US$123 p/person
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    Can I celebrate our wedding anniversary party on a private cruise?

    Sure. All cruises in Halong Bay can support you in celebrating a wedding anniversary party. Since this is an extra service not included in the tour price, there might be a surcharge depending on the preparation. You should inform your travel company of the plan early to have the best arrangement.

    Can I go to any places in Halong bay with our private cruise?

    All cruises have to register a specific route with attractions with Halong Bay’s management board before travelers embark. The cruise cannot change the attractions or go to another route during the trip. As a result, you can ask the travel operator in advance in terms of itinerary change for the best support.

    Is that possible to change the menu if we book a private cruise?

    Yes. In fact, the available menu is well-researched and usually built based on feedback from many former passengers. However, you still can ask the cruise organizer in advance if requesting any change in the menu. Besides, vegetarian food or other dietary requirements can be catered to on private cruises as well.

    If I book a private tour, do I have to pay for anything else onboard?

    Tour price only includes basic categories such as accommodations, all meals onboard, sightseeing tickets & entrance fees, and activities mentioned in the programs but not personal expenses such as spa, massage, beverages, and transportation from/to the cruise port. Each cruise will have a detailed inclusion and exclusion list for you to review.

    How much does it cost to charter a cruise just for our group?

    Since Halong private cruises vary in size, itinerary, and quality level. Please kindly contact our travel consultant to get a detailed quote.

    Is there a one cabin cruise for a couple?

    Yes. There are some 1-cabin cruises for couples such as L’Amour Junk, Bhaya Premium, L'Azalee Premium, Bhaya Legend.

    Charter a Cruise in Halong Bay

    Family adventures, company trips, wedding anniversaries, or romantic honeymoons for couples would definitely find private charter the best way to enjoy Halong Bay. In fact, all cruises are available for a private trip. Therefore, travelers can choose a private cruise from 1 cabin up to 55 cabins. 

    Halong private cruises are also divided into high-end, mid-range, and low-cost categories so you have plenty of options to celebrate special events in privacy with your loved ones. Besides, you can consider other criteria in terms of cruise design, theme, size, itinerary, and activity to your preference to bring the most memorable private experience in Halong Bay.

    Highlights of Charter Cruises

    Maximum privacy

    A highly private space and intimate atmosphere is the main reason for choosing a private cruise on Halong Bay. You can spend enjoyable moments with your partner, family, or friends on the Natural Heritage Site without strange passengers.

    Customized itinerary and program

    Programs and itineraries could be adjusted based on your liking. Instead of visiting the usual route in the usual order,  you could ask for a visit to more isolated areas where your group can enjoy the bay more privately and with the fewest crowds. A private lunch on the beach for two, a kayaking trip to further parts of Halong bay, or a wedding anniversary on a tranquil beach would definitely be the experience to cherish in a lifetime.

    Better service and experience

    Private cruise trips are usually better planned. Since all the information about accommodation, food & beverage, itinerary,… are well informed and agreed upon in advance, the trip will be smoother and better organized.

    Besides, the whole crew team goes above and beyond to take care of only your group onboard. Every single need for cabins, food, drinks and excursions will be met in the most timely manner. As a result, private charter cruises ensure top-notch service and personalize service for travelers.

    Tips to choose the best cruise for charter:

    Here are some tips that you may need when booking a private cruise:

    • Choose Halong Bay route if you like more activities and choose Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay for more relaxation and less-touristy attractions.
    • Book a private cruise at least 6 months in advance as otherwise the cruise is not available for charter.
    • Modern cruises with many entertainment facilities such as swimming pool, waterslide, mini golf, poker club, gym, spa, piano lounge,...are ideal for groups of young travelers or families with children while 1-2 cabin cruises are best for couples.
    • Low season from May to September gives a better deal than high season from October to April.

    Some suggestions by capacities for a private cruise:

    • 10 cabins and fewer: Orchid Premium, Emperor, Orchid, Legend, Emeraude Premium, Nostalgia Cruise
    • 14 - 20 cabins: Orchid Classic, Heritage Binh Chuan, Orchid Trendy, Peony, Sena, Paradise Sails, Signature Royal, La Regina Royal, Genesis Regal Cruise.
    • 21 - 25 cabins: Stellar of the Seas, Scarlet Pearl, La Casta Regal, Athena Luxury, Mon Cheri, Athena Royal and Rosy Cruise.
    • Over 25 cabins: Paradise Elegance, Capella, La Regina Grand, Paradise Grand
    • Especially large cruise (40 + cabins): Indochine, Ambassador, Essence Grand, Catherine 
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