Halong Bay Cruise Itineraries

Halong Bay is best seen on a cruise, and you can choose to spend either 2 days and 1 night or 3 days and 2 nights on board.

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    3 Days/2 Nights

    If you are planning a trip to Halong Bay and you have time to spare, a 3-day 2-night cruise will be the best option.

    Peony Cruise 1420

    Peony Cruise 3 Days

    9.8 Excellent | 176 reviews
    3 Days 2 Nights
    Cat Ba Island Lan Ha Bay Ba Trai Dao Islets Viet Hai Village
    FROM $260
    Ambassador Signature Cruise 37

    Ambassador Signature Cruise 3 Days

    9.9 Excellent | 22 reviews
    3 Days 2 Nights
    FROM $340
    Capella Cruise 1098

    Capella Cruise 3 Days

    9.8 Excellent | 142 reviews
    3 Days 2 Nights
    Lan Ha Bay Dark and Bright Cave
    FROM $360

    2 Days/1 Night

    A 2 day 1 night cruise trip to Halong Bay will be a compact way to experience this world's wonder.

    Peony Cruise 1420

    Peony Cruise 2 Days

    9.8 Excellent | 176 reviews
    2 Days 1 Night
    Lan Ha Bay Cat Ba Island
    FROM $150
    Capella Cruise 1098

    Capella Cruise 2 Days

    9.8 Excellent | 142 reviews
    2 Days 1 Night
    Lan Ha Bay Dark and Bright Cave
    FROM $200
    Ambassador Signature Cruise 37

    Ambassador Signature Cruise 2 Days

    9.9 Excellent | 22 reviews
    2 Days 1 Night
    Lan Ha Bay Viet Hai Village Dark and Bright Cave
    FROM $170

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    Asked by Cushla Davis 1 month ago

    What the better cruise Halong Bay or Lan Ha Bay?

    0 Answers (1) Reply
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    Answered by Annie 1 month ago

    Dear Cushla Davis, Please note that in terms of sceneraries, the two bays will be the same. However, Halongbay is more popular so it will be more crowded, while Lan Ha Bay will be a bit less touristy. I hope to hear from you soon and please let me know if you have any other inquiries. Best regards, Annie (Ms.)



    How much is a 1-night and 2-night itinerary?

    The price depends on the cruise types you book. Cruises could be divided into 3 main types including Budget, Mid-range, and Luxury cruises corresponding to 3*, 4*, and 5* quality.

    For a 1-night itinerary, budget cruises cost you around US$110-130, mid-range cruises cost around US$130-160, and luxury ones cost around US$160-250 per person. Some super-luxury cruises can cost up to US$400 per person for one night on Halong Bay. For a 2-night itinerary, it costs from US$220 to 600 per person.

    What time does the 1-night itinerary finish?

    It depends on each cruise’s program but 1-night itineraries finish at noon time. The disembarking time could be between 10:30 to 11:30 am.

    Which cruises have a 3-night itinerary?

    There are a few cruises operating for 3 nights such as Stellar of the Seas, Elite of the Seas, Heritage Binh Chuan, Dragon Legend, L’Amour Junk, Prince Junk, Red Dragon, and Dragon Pearl Junk.

    Is kayaking included in all itineraries?

    All overnight cruises include kayaking in their programs while Day cruises lasting from at least 6 to 8 hours include this activity. Itineraries from 2 nights upward usually include more kayaking time than 1-night itineraries and you will have a chance to kayak at the deeper and secluded parts of the bay.

    Although the kayaking fee is usually included in the tour price of most cruises, it is charged as a personal expense on few cruises or only free of charge for a 2-night itinerary. So, please check with the travel consultant for more details.

    If I have 2 nights left and will fly to Danang from Hanoi at 4 pm, should I book 2 nights?

    It is possible for you to book a 2-night trip if you book a cruise with a proper schedule and can manage the transfer well.

    Cruises may come back to the port at around 10:30 - 11:30. Paradise Elegance and Ambassador are among the top cruises having disembark time at 10:30 am. If you use a shuttle bus, it takes you around 2.5 hours from the port to Hanoi Old Quarter and 30 minutes more from there to Hanoi Airport. Otherwise, you can book a private car from the port so you can reach the Airport at around 2:00 - 2:30 pm.

    Is there any cruise setting sail on 2 to 3 bays at a time?

    Each cruise is only allowed to visit one bay at a time. However, there are still some cruises combining 2 bays in their 2-night itineraries by using a small boat on the second day to bring travelers to visit another bay during the daytime and come back to the main vessel in the late afternoon. You can refer to the 3 day - 2 night itinerary of Emperor Cruise or Amanda Cruise.

    Which 1-night itinerary is most cost-saving?

    There are many economical overnight cruises that you can refer to such as Amanda Cruise ($110/pax), Phoenix (US$125-130), Swan (US$139-149), etc.

    Besides, many travel companies offer early-bird, last-minute, or special promotions throughout the year, especially in the low season (May to September). Therefore, you can take this advantage to book a mid-range or luxury cruise at a very reasonable price.

    More About Cruise Itineraries

    No better way to enjoy the beauty of Halong bay than joining a cruise trip. There are different itineraries for you to choose from. It could be a day trip lasting for 4 - 8 hours. It could be overnight trips lasting from only 1 to 3 - 4 nights. However, the most common itineraries are 2 days/1 night and 3 days/2 nights.

    Visitors can find both itineraries on Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay. You may wonder about the difference between Halong Bay and the two extension bays called Lan Ha and Bai Tu Long. If you want to visit the Heritage site with more bustling attractions, Halong bay is a must. However, if you prefer less-touristy routes and want to enjoy the scenery of secluded parts, Lan Ha and Bai Tu Long Bay would suit you better.


    Halong Bay

    Lan Ha Bay

    Bai Tu Long Bay


    - Halong, Quang Ninh

    - The closest bay to Halong’s coastline

    - Haiphong City

    - Extension part, around 25 km to the South of Halong Bay

    - Halong, Quang Ninh 

    - Extension part to the Northeast of Halong Bay


    1553 km2

    70 km2

    158 km2


    - World’s Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO - the most visited bay

    - Nearly 2,000 limestone islands and islets

    - More activities, bustling atmosphere

    - Listed in Most Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW)

    - 300 limestone islands and islets

    - Many pristine sandy beaches and isolated areas for swimming and kayaking

    - Most untouched part of Halong bay

    - Tranquil natural landscapes, rocky karst towers

    - Best for kayaking and swimming


    Sung Sot Cave, Titop Island, Luon Cave, Tung Sau Pearl Farm, Trinh Nu Cave, Cua Van Fishing Village, Soi Sim Island, Trong Cave

    Dark-Bright Cave, Ao Ech, Tra Bau, Ba Trai Dao Beach, Viet Hai village, Trung Trang Cave, Quan Y Cave


    Vung Vieng Fishing Village, Thien Canh Son Cave, Cong Dam, Cong Do, Cap La, Hon Co Island, Ban Chan Beach

    1 night and 2 nights - What are the differences?

    Cruise itinerary by Stellar of the Seas (Click here to zoom out)

    In addition to the length of time, 2 days/1 night and 3 days/2 nights itineraries also have differences in activities and prices. You can refer to the 3 main differences below to choose the most suitable itinerary for you.


    In fact, all cruises depart at noon the first day and come back at the same time on the next day. As a result, you will have almost 24 hours onboard for 2 days/1 night itinerary. Hence, the time onboard for 3 days/2 nights itineraries is almost 48 hours.


    Since the onboard activities are repeated day by day, visitors on 1-night itineraries can join all onboard activities as those on 2-night itineraries such as watching sunset and sunrise from the sundeck or private cabins, joining cooking demonstrations, sunset party, squid fishing, Taichi, etc. However, the more time you stay, the more off-board activities you can join. If 1-night programs can bring you to some most popular and near landmarks, 2-night ones give you a chance to go deep into the ocean and access the most untouched parts of the bay.


    Obviously, the price of 2-night itineraries is higher than 1-night ones. However, it is not only the more activities and services you can experience but also the more relaxed and enjoyable you feel. You have options to join the onboard activities on the first or second night as they are repeated. You can experience as much of what Halong bay has to offer. You can watch stunning landscapes without being in a hurry, and more.

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