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10 Outstanding
Review for: Aspira Cruise

We chose 2 nights to visit further areas which were said to be more private and beautiful. It was our best choice. We were on the day boat on the 2nd day and we rode a bicycle around a small village on Cat Ba, and went swimming and kayaking at a pristine and isolated beach. We really love this experience. Thank you for helping us to arrange this trip.

Anastasia 1 month, 2 weeks
Heather Pallot
9.2 Excellent
Very, very good experience!!! Review for: Rosy Cruise

We had a wonderful 2-night stay on Rosy Cruise. The vessel itself was clean and so was our cabin. The activities were interesting and varied. Kayaking, swimming, cycling were the best to try. Squid fishing and Taichi were okay.

Heather Pallot 1 day, 6 hours
Narelle Wood
9.8 Excellent
Great experience! Review for: La Casta Regal Cruise

Beautiful and comfortable accommodation. We stayed in the Junior Suite cabin. The view from the room was unbeatable. The scenery was magnificent. Food was really tasty. Kayaking was the best!

Narelle Wood 3 days, 5 hours
Priya Patel
9.4 Excellent
The best boat in Ha Long Bay Review for: Orchid Classic Cruise

We think it would be better if all passengers were on the same boat during their trip instead of swapping them between boats. It wouldn’t affect their overall enjoyment.

Priya Patel 3 days, 6 hours
Mitchell Kelly
9 Excellent
Amazing cruise! Review for: Sea Stars Cruise

We have a great experience overall.

Mitchell Kelly 1 week
Stephanie N
9.4 Excellent
5* treatment on Ha Long Bay Review for: Sea Stars Cruise

Excellent cruise and service from Nga, Brian, and the team! Our room was spacious, and Halong Bay is so splendid!

Stephanie N 1 week
10 Outstanding
The best cruise of Halong Bay Review for: Capella Cruise

We booked 2 nights and 3 days on Capella Cruise.

John 1 week
Ms. Saw
6.6 Average
Review for: Orchid Classic Cruise

We stayed on Orchid Classic 1 for 3D2N on 4 September 2023. I want to talk about the difference in treatment between the westerners and the asian on this cruise, particularly by the staff named David. On my Day 2 in Viet Ha Village tour (5 September 2023), I felt the prejudice extremely strongly as we were the sole Asian participants on the day boat. We were the first to return from kayaking, and when we came down, the staffs were leisurely seated around the tables.

The main tour guide, David, not only occupied our seats but also took the liberty of relocating our personal belongings to accommodate himself. There were many available seats so I don’t understand what was his point. The staffs didn’t do anything when we returned but what shocked me was when all the other westerners returned to the ship almost 1 hour later. They immediately went to on the air conditioner, and asked them what drinks they want because there were free cocktails and juice. Like ???? we have been here 1 hour ago hello? And they asked them for two separate time periods, totally ignored us, which made us feel very uncomfortable and marginalised.

Everyone on the ship paid the same amount of money to be there, your crew should be trained or carefully selected to treat all guests equally provide the same type of service and respect, especially for David and his service crew from the day boat who needs serious training in customer service etiquette and cultural sensitivity.

I still want to give a shoutout to the main manager, Emmanuel, for being so hospitable towards us and made commendable efforts to mitigate the impact of David's lamentable conduct. I sincerely wish that Orchid Cruise would take this issue seriously and ensure that such incidents do not mar the experience of future guests.

Ms. Saw 1 month, 2 weeks
10 Outstanding
Nothing like Halong Bay!! Review for: La Casta Cruise

The manager was the best host. He took care of us and made sure every guest felt comfortable. The cruise staff were all friendly. The drinks and food were nice but drinks were really pricey. Room was nice with a tub and a balcony.

Annie 1 week, 4 days
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What is best rated cruise of 2024?

We would rather give a few names for this question since the differences are minimal for the top rated cruises. The best names for 2024 are: Stellar of the Seas, Essence Grand and Peony Cruise.

Any budget cruise with good reviews?

Amanda Luxury Cruise and Hera Grand Cruise certainly are the most popular budget cruise with positive ratings. You can also check out our Budget cruise list: https://www.halongbaytours.com/cruises/superior-cruises.html

What is the difference between Stellar of the Seas and Elite of the Seas? Which one has better ratings?

Stellar of the Seas and Elite of the Seas belong to the same company with the latter one being more recent and luxurious. It is hard to compare the two as they each offer a different set of ambience. If you prefer a smaller crowd, Stellar of the Seas is a better option as it has only 22 cabins versus 35 cabins on Elite. 

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