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Evelyn King
9.4 Excellent
Luxury with a world class view Review for: Rosy Cruise

Such a memorable time! We had 1 night only but the staff tried their best to make us feel at home. Thank the whole team, especially Andrew, Home, Dee.

Evelyn King 11 hours, 33 minutes
Agnieszka Zielinska
9.6 Excellent
Great experience! Review for: Doris Cruise

Comfortable bed, clean blankets. Large windows allow the sunlight to get into the room.

Agnieszka Zielinska 2 days, 12 hours
Thomas Dang
10 Outstanding
Beyond our high expectations Review for: Capella Cruise

Exceptional service. Food was so delicious! Recommended!

Thomas Dang 4 days, 12 hours
Nadia Müller
10 Outstanding
Very, very good experience!!! Review for: Grand Pioneers Cruise (formally Essence Grand)

Grand Pioneers provided a luxurious stay. The facilities were of top quality. The staff was professional and polite. The view of the bay was breathtaking. The cave and kayaking were excellent. Overall the trip was well worth the money.

Nadia Müller 1 week
Sophia Young
10 Outstanding
Wonderful, magical experience! Review for: La Casta Cruise

Halong Bay is a must in Vietnam. We booked 1 night on La Casta Cruise. It was our honeymoon trip and the staff made it special with room decor. The stay was amazing. A bit short but we enjoyed everything. Thank you very much.

Sophia Young 1 week
Elias Van Den Berg
9.6 Excellent
Best travel in Vietnam so far!!! Review for: La Regina Grand Cruise

Good service and well-furnished boat. We had a balcony room with an excellent view of the bay. The bed was also comfortable and the bathroom was clean. The staff was friendly and caring. They also celebrated the birthday party for guests. Very thoughtful.

Elias Van Den Berg 2 weeks, 1 day
Boris Ivanov
9 Excellent
Great couple experience during holidays! Review for: La Regina Legend Cruise

The staff did everything. Ha Long is so beautiful.

Boris Ivanov 2 weeks, 1 day
Agata Nowak
7.4 Good
Beyond our high expectations Review for: La Regina Legend Cruise

The trip wasn't at all what we expected. Even though the room was comfortable we could enjoy that. But the thought of being stuck for 3 days with boring food and a strong engine smell in the room might have ruined what could have been a good experience. If you are a young couple, we recommend booking a less comfortable room but focusing on the quality of food and excursions. La Regina's excursions are well organized for middle-aged or elderly people with light sightseeing activities that you can participate in from 6 am. The schedule will only be announced through loudspeakers installed inside room. Consider booking your room at back of the boat as the noisy engine may wake you up in the early morning and cause your room to vibrate.
In addition, the facilities were quite old, such as cracks in the doors and loose air conditioning controls. The bathtub has a nice view of the bay. As soon as we stepped on the ship, we were invited to have a buffet lunch in the dining room. Good food and lots of choices, but for that price, I expected more special flavors and more Vietnamese food. However, we appreciated the fine dining dinner, plus a lovely cake for my partner's birthday. We got a nice touch with the staff who were extremely informative. Kayaking, as expected, few people take part in it. It's just me, my partner, and a similar couple. If there are few participants, it means that the tour guide won't be as concerned about our safety as they are rowing with us and guiding us everywhere. The weather was bad on our trip date so we decided to skip some activities to rest in the room until the last day.

Agata Nowak 2 weeks, 1 day
Miguel Santos
10 Outstanding
Amazing experience! Review for: Catherine Cruise

The team did a great job. We had a very memorable experience. Can't wait to come back.

Miguel Santos 2 weeks, 5 days
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What is best rated cruise of 2024?

We would rather give a few names for this question since the differences are minimal for the top rated cruises. The best names for 2024 are: Stellar of the Seas, Essence Grand and Peony Cruise.

Any budget cruise with good reviews?

Amanda Luxury Cruise and Hera Grand Cruise certainly are the most popular budget cruise with positive ratings. You can also check out our Budget cruise list: https://www.halongbaytours.com/cruises/superior-cruises.html

What is the difference between Stellar of the Seas and Elite of the Seas? Which one has better ratings?

Stellar of the Seas and Elite of the Seas belong to the same company with the latter one being more recent and luxurious. It is hard to compare the two as they each offer a different set of ambience. If you prefer a smaller crowd, Stellar of the Seas is a better option as it has only 22 cabins versus 35 cabins on Elite. 

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