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    Top-rated Luxury Cruises Cat Ba Island Cruises Lan Ha Bay Cruises Bai Tu Long Bay Cruises
    Cruise Type Rating 2 Days 1 Night per cabin, 2 adults 3 Days 2 Nights per cabin, 2 adults Shuttle Bus per person / one-way Kayaking
    Orchid Classic Cruise Orchid Classic Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (371)
    US$175 US$305 US$40 Free
    Signature Cruise Signature Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (282)
    US$145 US$275 Free Not included
    Paradise Elegance Cruise Paradise Elegance Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (256)
    US$170 US$340 US$32 Not included
    Ambassador Cruise Ambassador Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (184)
    US$155 N/A US$32 Not included
    Peony Cruise Peony Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (176)
    US$150 US$260 US$35 Free
    Heritage Cruise Binh Chuan Heritage Cruise Binh Chuan Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (166)
    US$190 US$370 US$35 Free
    Orchid Trendy Cruise Orchid Trendy Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (166)
    US$155 US$275 US$35 Free
    Mon Cheri Cruise Mon Cheri Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (166)
    US$175 US$325 US$35 Not included
    Stellar of the Seas Cruise Stellar of the Seas Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (160)
    US$265 US$485 Free Free
    Indochina Sails Cruise Indochina Sails Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (144)
    US$130 US$255 US$30 Free
    Capella Cruise Capella Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (142)
    US$200 US$360 US$35 Free
    Scarlet Pearl Cruise Scarlet Pearl Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (131)
    US$170 US$325 US$30 Free
    Bhaya Cruises Bhaya Cruises Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (126)
    US$145 US$265 US$30 Not included
    Athena Luxury Cruise Athena Luxury Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (121)
    US$190 US$320 Free Free
    Emperor Cruise Emperor Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (115)
    US$295 US$595 US$40 Free
    Genesis Luxury Regal Cruise Genesis Luxury Regal Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (106)
    US$160 US$325 US$30 Free
    Bhaya Premium Cruise Bhaya Premium Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (103)
    US$180 US$355 US$30 Not included
    Dragon Legend Cruise Dragon Legend Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (103)
    US$195 US$355 US$40 Not included
    Indochine Cruise Indochine Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (99)
    US$170 US$320 US$30 Not included
    La Casta Regal Cruise La Casta Regal Cruise Luxury Cruises
    5.0 (97)
    US$150 US$295 US$30 Free
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    Are kids free of charge on the cruise?

    Depending on each cruise policy, children under 4 or 5 years old will be free of charge on Halong Bay cruise. The second child at the same age will be charged.

    Can I book a room with an extra bed for a group of 3?

    Yes. You can book an extra bed with a surcharge. The fee depends on each cruise policy, so kindly contact our travel consultant for better details.

    Should I book a Halong cruise in advance or upon arrival to get a last-minute deal?

    Although last-minute deals are attractive, you are recommended to book a cruise in advance as you will have more time to research the travel agency and the cruise and compare prices among different service providers.

    Is there any promotion for big groups?

    Yes. Big groups will usually get a better deal. However, you should contact travel companies directly to negotiate with them.

    Why is there a big difference in price of cruises in the same luxury category?

    Although put into the same luxury category, each cruise features a distinct theme or aims at different travel objects. Some luxury cruises want to maximize the private cruising experience with 5 - 7 cabins only. Some have more cabins but add extra benefits for each passenger during the trip. If you want to get the one matching your need the most, send your request to our travel consultants and we could send you the best offers.

    More About Cruise Price

    While planning a Halong Bay cruise trip, visitors may be overwhelmed by a wide price range among plenty of brand names. Different cruise types and durations come with different price ranges.

    To make it easier, Halong Bay Cruises can be divided into 2 main forms which are Day cruise and Overnight cruise. Let’s find out the price range of each category and subcategory, and save some tips to get the best price for Halong Bay cruise below!

    Day cruise price

    Day cruises are the favorite option for those who have limited time but still want to discover heritage bay. Day cruises last from 4 to 8 hours so travelers will embark and disembark on the same day. This is the most cost-saving cruise type when travelers only need US$50 - 120 per person to join a cruise tour.

    In spite of the short time, day cruises still cover signature attractions and offer the most highlight activities such as visiting a cave, kayaking, or swimming. Some 8-hour day cruises diversify the program by adding a sunset party, tea ceremony, or cooking demonstration. Therefore, this is not only the most economical but worth-trying experience to see Halong Bay at a glance.

    Overnight cruise price

    While there may not be a big price difference for day cruises between low and high season, travelers can take advantage of season factor when booking an overnight cruise in Halong Bay.

    • Budget cruises (3 star)

    This cruise type is the top choice for budget-minded travelers. Economical cruises are usually traditional wooden boats with small-sized cabins and limited modern facilities. However, rest assured that all of your basic needs for a comfortable stay are provided such as cabins with ocean-view windows and a private bathroom, a dining area and bar with varied food and drink menu, sundeck for kicking back and sightseeing.

    Economical cruises cost from US$110 per person in the low season and around $130 per person in the high season for a 2 day-1 night trip. The more days you stay, the better deal you get. Here are some budget cruises with approximate prices you can refer to:

    Budget cruises


    Low season

    High season


    - Complimentary herbal foot bath

    - Spacious cabins (20-60 sqm)

    - Triple cabins (30-35 sqm)

    - Restaurant & bar

    - Unique unspoiled route


    $110pp/night (new cruise promotion)


    - Traditional Vietnamese concept

    - Restaurant & bar

    - Cooking demonstration

    - Triple cabins




    - Restaurant & bar

    - Bar on top

    - Cooking demonstration

    - Suite balcony cabins with jacuzzi tub

    - Triple cabins



    • Mid-range cruises (4 star)

    Mid-range cruise is a reasonable choice for the majority of travelers coming to Halong Bay. With facilities and services corresponding to 4-star hotels, mid-range cruises upgrade your cruising experience compared with budget ones. There will be more options for modern cabins with a private balcony. Modern services will be added such as spa and gym room jacuzzi pool, in-room service or events for anniversaries, birthdays, conferences, etc.

    Spending around $135 per person in the low season and $145 per person in the high season, you will be able to have a memorable experience with more relaxation and recreation in a mid-range cruise. The three most ideal mid-range cruises should be on your list are as followed:

    Mid-range cruises


    Low season

    High season

    La Casta Regal

    - Jacuzzi pool, spa, gym, restaurant, bar

    - All rooms have a balcony and bathtub

    - Triple and connecting rooms




    - Restaurant, bar, spa

    - Family room



    Adela Boutique

    - Restaurant, bar, floating, sup

    - Triple and connecting rooms



    • Luxury cruises (5 star)

    If you have a loose budget, luxury cruises never disappoint you. Halong Bay luxury cruises are likely 5-star floating hotels with the most updated facilities such as a four-season pool, mini golf course, art gallery, children's playroom, spa and sauna, wine & cigars cellar, and more. Especially, travelers will be taken care of by a well-trained and professional crew team who are knowledgeable, informative, and dedicated. Butler service is also provided on some luxury cruises.

    Besides, the basic needs such as accommodation and food & beverage are enhanced to the next level. Cabins on luxury cruises could be over 70 sqm in size. All cabins come with a private balcony with a table and chair for sightseeing or enjoying a private dinner. Meals are a harmonious fusion of Vietnamese and Western cuisine and are prepared with all high-quality ingredients.

    Luxury cruises cost from $160 per person in the low season and $170 per person in the high season for a 2-day trip without transfer service. Check out some samples of luxury cruises in Halong below:

    Luxury cruises


    Low season

    High season

    Orchid Classic

    - Cabins with balcony & bathtub

    - Only 14 cabins with large space (from 36sqm)

    - Outdoor jacuzzi pool

    - Luxury bar and restaurant

    - Spa & gym room



    Paradise Elegance

    - Cabins with balcony

    - Pool on top deck

    - Piano lounge with live music

    - Spa room

    - Restaurant & bar



    Elite of the Seas

    - Cabins with balcony & bathtub

    - Infinity seasonal pool

    - Outdoor and indoor bar

    - Wine and cigars cellar

    - Mini-golf course

    - Sauna spa & massage

    - Fitness room

    - Children playroom

    - Itinerary from 2 - 5 days



    Tips to get the best price of Halong Bay Cruise

    In fact, there might be still some changes apart from the overview of Halong Bay cruise price above. As a result, here are some tips to book a Halong Bay cruise at the best price you may need:

    • Book the trip early! Most cruise organizers and travel agents offer early-bird deals which can save 5 - 10% of the cruise cost.
    • Last-minute deals are always available! Although early reservations are recommended, if you decide to book the trip at the last minute, there might be some best deals for you. Check with the travel companies if any cruises have that deal available.
    • Book via a reliable travel agent to avoid scam.
    • Most cruises offer better prices in the low season from May to September. However, some have their own price policy, so check with the cruise organizers or travel agents to have more details.
    • There is usually a mandatory surcharge for peak days such as Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year,... due to a special Gala dinner, a rising in food costs, or some stipends for employees working over the holiday. So, if you want to avoid this cost, choose another period of time.
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