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We take customers' feedback very seriously and we enjoy reading post-trip emails. The compliments are what drive us forward and the complain helps us perfect our services. This is what our guests have been telling us about their trip booked on our website. Read the reviews and check the gallery - you will know better about us than anything else.

What a great experience!

Hello Sunny 

We appreciate your sympathy and your work to us. 

We're back in Brazil, I have not written to you before because I was always busy on the rides. 

Wonderful places and wonderful people who have welcomed us everywhere. 

We want to thank you all did for us, I say that everything worked out in our walks with our guides to the drivers, hotels finally everything perfect. 

We have nothing to complain about. If we know of someone who would make a tour of Vietnam for sure we will recommend you. 

A big hug,

Vera and Paul

What great personal service from Halong Bay Tours

We had a very pleasant two weeks in Vietnam and a highligth was the Halong Bay trip. It was all made very easy for us booking online with Halong Bay Tours.

Lisa came to our hotel in Hanoi to ensure that were happy with the hotel and transfer arrangement. She also arranged our flights and transfers to Danang and recommended excellent hotels, especially in Hoi An. We recommend Blue Dragon Tours as an excellent tour company to others. Thank you very much for helping us enjoy North and mid Vietnam.

We will return to see South Vietnam soon!

Veronica and Dave Chapman

Mr. Raj

Trip feedbacks

Hello Cindy,
I like to thank you Cindy for the excellent guides you provided both in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Nhung was very patient with us and explained the walk of the city well.
My wife and me enjoyed Ha long bay the best. An experience you should recommend every tourist coming to vietnam. Hanoi was such a family centric and laid back city that it warms your heart. Ho Chi Minh city was lovely due to its French architecture and night life which we thoroughly enjoyed. My wife and me never made it back to the hotel before 3 am every day.
Will keep in touch and hopefully convince a few of my friends to make the trip to vietnam.
Raj Sureka

Rowena Ruaro

Perfect trip!

Hi Cindy!

We had a great bonding with my family for almost 6 days.

Tirant Hotel is nice, staff were very curteous. Location is definitely a big plus. However, their breakfast is the same feom day 1 til our last day there. They should have at least change the selection and add some variety. Other than done, everything is good.

Estellar Cruise is the best experience we have. The food was awesome! If only I could extend another day on that cruise, I would! The service is beyond our expectation. Awesome experience and our tummy is always full - feom breakfast til dinner. And the price for drinks isnt that bad at all.

Our driver for the entire trip is super nice as well. Our tour guide during our first day is very knowledgeable, she gave us some tips where to have massage, where to eat etc. But unfortunately, I wasnt able to say 'thank you' to her because we were not informed that the cyclo ride will direct us to our hotel already. I also didnt get her name, too bad.

Overall, we had an unforgettable experience. My friends have already contacted me and asked me about my experience i Hanoi. I have shared with them your contact details because they are also planning to visit Hanoi in April.

Thank you so much Cindy for all the help. Please do let me know if you're planning to visit my country. Id be glad to help you and show you around. Til next time!

Sidney Loke

Great Travel Agency for Halong Bay

We are in airport now. Just want to thank you for your fine arrangements through out the trip, everyone are happy especially with Meracus hotel staffs and services. 

Specially want to thank Ms.Hanh our city tour guide she is very accommodative and extremely kind and patience, everyone like her very much. Thank you for the coffee treat too it was really fantastic. We are more than happy to recommend your service to others. I will give you our best review in Tripadvisor and in your company website. Please email your customer comment link to me if you can. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!

Linda Cowan

Best travel agency in Asia

I would like to give the young people of Blue Dragon Tours  a mention.

I am a seasoned traveller however I had never been to Vietnam and was organising a 3 week, solo trip from Australia.  I happened on to their website and then entered into an email correspondence with them.  From the start they were extremely helpful, recognised very quickly what sort of holiday I wanted, the level of accommodation I would be happy with and mode of transport I would require.  They helped me organise a trip to and from Sapa, Halong Bay (which was a very enjoyable 2 day/1 night trip), Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Min and the Mekong. 

They booked the hotels, organised train travel and tours to Halong Bay and the Megong Delta.  Everything was great, no disappointing surprises at hotels or on trips.  I had a very enjoyable and memorable holiday in Vietnam, will go back, and would recommend Blue Dragon Tours to anyone wanting to book a trip there.

Our Corporate Clients

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