Vung Vieng Fishing Village

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Out of the four fishing villages in Ha Long Bay, Vung Vieng is the least touristy, a perfect fit for travelers seeking to experience local life. After disembarking the mother boat, you will be transferred by rowing boats or kayaks to enter Vung Vieng. The village offers a chance for travelers to experience the villager’s daily life as well as observe the traditional culture and customs of the fishermen.

These families have lived in this village for generations. They go about their daily lives, oblivious to the buzz surrounding the Heritage site of Ha Long Bay. Living far away from the bustling tourist attractions, the people at Vung Vieng are friendly and all smiley to curious visitors. It is interesting to take part in the making of fishing nets and processing fishes. The rambunctious children make up one third of the local population and their presence livens up the quitet fishing life.

Once you’ve set foot on the peaceful village of Vung Vieng, be sure to stay overnight for the exciting communal activities which only unfold in the evening. Under the majestic moonlight, tourists sit on woven bamboo boats beside the crackling fire, breathe fresh air, listen to folk song duets, drop flower garlands and colored lanterns for luck and watchthe fishermen catching marine products. If you’re lucky to arrive at Vung Vieng during the annual Ha Long Tourism Week, you’re welcomed to participate inthe fishing village festival. Exciting activities vary fromfolk song singing contest, culinary competition, swimming competition and boat handling competition etc.

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