Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Halong, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
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Vung Vieng is considered one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the world. As it is less touristy than the fishing villages of Ba Hang, Cua Van, and Cap La, it features a more authentic local lifestyle. This is where hundreds of fishermen work hard to earn a living yet remain cheerful and extraordinarily welcoming. Visitors to Vung Vieng fishing village can have the chance to learn about the lives of the local people, which is one of the qualities that makes the village worth visiting.


Vung Vieng fishing town is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, which is about 20 kilometers to the east of Tuan Chau Harbor and next to the coal mines in Cua Ong, Hon Gai, and Cam Pha. The entrance to the fishing village is very special as it was naturally formed with a massive high stone arch in the Vung Ha archipelago, which is the core area of Halong Bay, a UNESCO Heritage Site, and is carefully protected by the authorities.


Vung Vieng fishing village became widely known in the nineteenth century as a result of old fishermen mooring ships here and trading food. The trading did not only take place between local people but also foreigners, especially Chinese merchants, who lived only approximately 100 km away from the fishing village. Today, the fishing town has roughly 50 multigenerational families and about 300 inhabitants. The major source of income for the inhabitants here comes from aquaculture, and they live on natural resources.

Since Vung Vieng fishing village became a Halong tourist attraction, the local people have taken part in tourism with many becoming tour guides to show visitors around the village. Thanks to tourism activities, the living standards of the local people have also witnessed a significant improvement in recent years.

The beauty of the fishing village

Surrounded by limestone islets that boast the same features, Vung Vieng fishing village comes up with a distinct beauty that others don't have. As you get closer to the site, a floating hamlet appears to be extremely peaceful and tranquil with glimpses of small and simple shacks along the cliffs and mountains.

The closer you get to the fishing village, the clearer its vastness becomes. First, you will be likely to see the big communal house located in the center of the hamlet. This is where community events usually take place. The communal house is surrounded by floating dwellings and fish farms.

Local people's lives are closely connected to rafts made of wood and bamboo that float on the water's surface. Meanwhile, better-off households live in a raft that has stronger iron roofs. As a result, if you look far enough away, you will see a vivid image of blue, red, and yellow buildings rippling on the water.

In order to access Vung Vieng fishing village, you must pass by Cao Cave, which is regarded as the entrance to the village. Cao Cave is a sea cave gifted with spectacular beauty by mother nature. The cave is fairly small and short, but there is tall limestone piled on top of the cave that overwhelms many visitors here. Therefore, it is worth spending some time exploring this attraction.

Activities at Vung Vieng fishing village

When visiting Vung Vieng fishing village, you will have the chance to participate in any of the following exciting activities:

  • Sailing through the town with the local people, and discovering the untouched beauty and tranquil environment. 
  • Participating in fishing activities with fishermen to have a better understanding of the village’s aquaculture. 
  • Kayaking around the village using the kayak rental service. 
  • Taking part in environmental conservation projects such as beach cleanups with fishermen. 
  • Or simply relaxing on the boat and observing the people's activities.

How to get there

You may easily access the fishing village by boat or cruise departing from Halong Bay. Then, from the big boat, you will need to switch to a bamboo boat or a kayak to reach the settlement. Many people tend to opt for an overnight cruise on the bay.

In particular, Vung Vieng fishing village is on Route No. 4 to Halong Bay, which includes Thay Cave, Cong Do Area, and Vung Vieng fishing village. Visitors should arrive early in the morning at Bai Chay or Tuan Chau wharf due to the fact that journeys in the morning are less crowded than those in the afternoon.

Every day, many boats as well as speed boats leave from these two wharves for Vung Vieng fishing village. Visitors must row a bamboo boat or kayak for about 20 minutes from the entrance to the fishing village to reach the center of the village because bigger boats are not permitted to enter the center of Vung Vieng fishing village.

Conclusion - Advice

  • The best time to visit Vung Vieng fishing village is from April to June. This is when the whole of Halong Bay is full of sunshine and there is little rain. 
  • From the fishing town, visitors may reach other tourist destinations such as the Bay Gieng region, Trong Mai Island, and Bai Tho Mountain. 
  • When visiting Vung Vieng fishing village, you should take advantage of the opportunity to eat fresh seafood such as Halong squid paste.
  • You may prefer to rent a kayak and explore the fishing village's pristine and tranquil beauty on your own. 
  • The local people are really friendly; you may ask them for an overnight stay in their houses and go fishing with them the following morning. 
  • You need to wear comfortable clothing, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. You should not forget to bring your phone, selfie stick, and power bank to get some snaps of the village.
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