One of the best things to do in Halong Bay is discovering the place yourself on your own kayak. The emerald water of Halong with calm water and many hidden tunnels make a perfect setting for kayaking.

There are a total of 8 hot-spots where kayaking is allowed:

Cruises that offer FREE kayaking include:

The majority of mid-range and budget cruises offer kayaking free of charge while most luxury cruise will charge kayaking for a fee. Tour guide and staff on board will gladly introduce you to mastering your kayak in case you are not familiar with the activity. This has been the highlight for the majority of tourists who took a cruise trip to Halong Bay and will surely a time to remember for you too.

Updates: From 1st May 2017, kayaking activities will resume for all cruises in Halong Bay for both day cruise and overnight cruise (after temporary suspension from April 1st -30th).

Cruises that offer Kayaking

Recommended Cruises in Halong Bay

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