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Halong Bay in March - A truly great month to visit Halong Bay

Winter extends from November to February but March witnesses subtle changes for humid spring to come. It is considered the best time to visit Halong Bay.

A gradual increase in temperatures, higher humidity levels and increasing rainy days make the weather in Halong Bay pleasant to go out with long T-shirt and enjoy festive atmosphere of a few traditional events.

Halong Bay’s weather in March:

Winter is sometimes as late as to the middle of March thus during the first 2 weeks, March may still carry the chilly weather of leftover winter. The temperatures start to climb to average of 20 degrees Celsius with highs up to 23 degrees Celsius and lows of 18 degrees Celsius. With warmer temperatures, visitors can stay active in the water comfortably in a longer period.

During March, the sun shines constantly for around 8 hours per day. With this adequate level of sunlight, visitors can truly experience Halong Bay at its finest under the crystal clear blue sky. It’s also perfect for all sorts of activities, especially cruising around and staring at clear view of the bay with emerald water and magnificent karst tower.

The number of wet days in Halong Bay increases so do humidity levels. The total average rainfall is 52mm over 13 days while the humidity is about 75%.

What you will like from Halong Bay’s weather in March:

* Because of moderate temperatures, visitors are able to enjoy perfect days out for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

* Warm sea temperature is ideal for those who love to swim in the sea and water activities like kayaking can still be fully enjoyed.

* Although TET has just gone, you can still enjoy some fascinating festivals in March

What you may not like very much

* Higher number of sunshine and warmer temperature make sun rays surprisingly strong and your skin may suffer from damaging effects.

* High humidity means more sweat which may not be a pleasant experience for everyone

Local tips for travelling Halong Bay in March:

* Pack light and comfortable clothes with you while not forget to bring light sweater for chilly nights.

* Some pills of medicine are necessary in case of catching flu.

* This is also relaxing time for Vietnamese families after TET so make sure your booking is made in advance.

Cherry Blossom Festival – the most interesting festival in Halong Bay in March

* New Year time is the only time for some beautiful flowers such as cherry blossom and golden apricot blossom to bloom. If you visit Halong Bay this March, you can witness a variety of flowers on display in the exciting Cherry Blossom Festival which will take place from 17th March 2019 to 21st March 2019.

* At night, there are also musical and culture performances by Japanese and Vietnamese artists to join.

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