Travelling in the middle of winter doesn’t mean your trip to Halong Bay is unappealing. On the contrary, January is among ideal times to explore Halong Bay – a mighty and unique natural masterpiece.

Featuring tropical coastal climate with monsoonal influence, Halong Bay weather is quite distinct by seasons with January falling into winter time. Halong Bay weather in January is usually characterized by cooler air temperature, little to no rainfall and a bit less sunshine than summer time. In more details:

Halong Bay's Weather in January

Like other regions in the North of Vietnam, January is among the coldest months of the year in Halong Bay. The average monthly temperature is 17 degrees Celsius. Despite that, during day light of sunny days, the water is still warm enough for swimming and kayaking.

The average humidity visitors can expect is around 60-70% which is relatively dry and would be perfect for visitors who were used to this type of weather. Low humidity level makes the sceneries, beaches, islands and caves more alluring and ideal for getting outdoors.

Travelling to Halong Bay in January, visitors will enjoy 7 hours of sunshine per day and about two thirds of the month is cloudy.

Visit Halong in January - What You Will Enjoy

  •  The dry weather with less rainfall and low humidity make perfect conditions for outdoor excursions.
  •  Warmer water enables beach lovers to have a deep swim or enjoy kayaking on the beach.
  •  With cooler weather and dryer air, visitors can also do a lot of other activities and not be exhausted from dehydration.
  •  Less intense sun means fewer chances of getting burnt despite being out whole day.
  •  Reliable weather - there has been no cruise trip cancellation in January due to weather adversity for the last 10 years

And What You May Not Like Very Much

  • January is a busy travelling time because of ideal weather and most people are ready for their long vacation after New Year. Thus, there is no surprise when the destinations are busier than usual.
  • In some days, the temperature can get a low of just around 14 degrees Celsius and it may be harsh for many visitors who are not accustomed to cold weather.

Local Tips To Make Your Trip In January A Perfect One

  • Check the weather condition frequently and pack some warmer clothes, gloves and hats when needed
  • Although the majority of the month is cool and cloudy, sunscreen is still necessary for extreme sun rays
  • Celebrate the first day of the year on a cruise is an amazing experience. However if you plan to do so, book well in advance to secure a place
  • Toward the end of January, there are often many last minute cruise deals. If you are not in a rushed, wait until it's time and you can save huge!

Special Promotions For Halong Bay Cruise In January:

  • Azalea Cruise: save $15/person for 3 day 2 night trip, or enjoy one way free shuttle bus (more info)
  • Mon Cheri Cruise: save 5% off cabin price and free limousine bus round trip (cruise page)
  • Peony Cruise: free spa voucher in Hanoi for all clients (see details)

If you need any advice for your trip in January, don't hesitate to contact us: - we are ready to assist with any request you may have!

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