Winter season often reminds of cold temperature, frigid zones and gloomy vibe. However, with tropical weather, winter in Vietnam is more pleasant.

In February, the weather in Halong Bay can be still cold and overcast with low visibility yet warmer than January and have more winter sunshine. February is a unique time of the year for visitors to witness Halong Bay in a more remarkable way.

Halong Bay’s weather in February

Temperatures in February do not change much from January with a slight increase to around 18 degrees Celsius. It gets warmer towards the end of the month with highs of 21 degrees Celsius.

The moderate temperatures make Halong Bay a perfect venue for excursions through stunning caves, grottoes and hiking around the islands.

Like January, Halong Bay in February enjoys around 7 hours of sunshine every day with some days are misty and rainy.

In terms of humidity, February is among the driest months of the year with low humidity of around 65-70% and average monthly rainfall is about 22mm over 11 days. This kind of weather is favored by many visitors to enjoy outdoor activities.

What you will enjoy from Halong Bay’s weather in February

  • Cooler temperatures make outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, hiking and exploring the region possible and more enjoyable.
  • Low humidity and levels of rainfall means zero chance of trip cancellation due to bad weather
  • Special Tet holiday - events and ambiences that can be felt everywhere in Vietnam

What you may not like very much

  • There are some cruises that take a break during Tet holiday; Others apply a surcharge if you stay on board for the Lunar New Year Eve
  • Temperatures tend to drop at night and it will be a bit colder

Local tips for travelling Halong Bay in February

  • Prepare for chilly days with warm clothes while not forget to pack sunscreen against strong sun rays.
  • Early bookings are highly recommended to make sure cruises and hotels are available.
  • Enjoy Vietnamese festive atmosphere during this time with nice decoration and a lot of traditional festivals.

Some festivals you can enjoy in this February

Yen Tu Festival

The festival is held at Yen Tu Mountain, Uong Bi Town, Quang Ninh Province from the 10th day of the first lunar moth to the end of the third lunar month. This festival attracts thousands of visitors coming after Lunar New Year Festival to pray for lucks and health to themselves and their family.

Cua Ong Festival

Annually held in Cua Ong Temple, this festival lasts from the second day of the first lunar month to the end of the third lunar month of the year. Joining this festival, tourists have chance to take part in a great ceremony to commemorate famous generals of Vietnam and see 34 statues of Tran Hung Dao’s brave generals.

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