Travelling with young kids in Halong Bay can sometimes be hard work because you have to keep track of your children almost all the time. In addition, you may also worry about whether the cruise food is friendly to the children or not. With these concerns constantly showing up, you may not be able to relax and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Worry not as we are here to help! The below cruises are selected based on three criteria: kids safety, cabin quality, and child-friendly service.

Bhaya Cruise

If you are looking for a 5-star cruise to travel with your kids, Bhaya Cruise is one of the best options. Depending on your budget, you are highly recommended to book Terrace Suite (in Bhaya Classic) or Premium Balcony Cabin (in Bhaya Classic Premium). These cabins are perfectly designed for a family. With the accommodation of two adults and one child (less than 12 years old), Terrace Suite has a good space (16.5 square meters) to keep children in your sight. Meanwhile, the triple premium balcony cabin can accommodate up to 3 adults and 1 child with the space of 20 square meters. Wide open space and a private balcony overlooking the beautiful seascapes of the Bay allow your family to get unrivalled experiences.

With regard to meals onboard, in addition to 5-course meals with an emphasis on the traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Bhaya Chef also pays a great attention to prepare child-friendly dishes, therefore, travel with a peace of mind!

2 day 1 night trip on Bhaya Cruise costs from $125/person (more details); triple cabin is from $380 including room and board meals.

L’Azalee Cruise

L’Azalee Cruise is a newly built cruise in Halong Bay. In 2015, L’Azalee launched 3 vessels including day cruise, overnight cruise, and one cabin private cruise.
If you have a generous budget and want to admire the unique beauty of Halong Bay in a personalized and intimate way, you are highly recommended to book L’Azalee private cruise for your whole family. Having only one spacious cabin with the total area of 32 square meters and the accommodation of up to 4 people, L’Azalee is a great choice for a family with 2 young kids.

The main highlight for choosing L’Azalee private cruise is that the cruise offers butler-style services. It means you can enjoy swimming and kayaking in Halong Bay without any worries about your children. In terms of meals, you are invited to choose preferred meals before cruising, therefore, you can make any special requests for you and your babies. For these reasons, why not choosing L’Azalee for your family to enjoy exclusive and individual experiences?

You can also book L'Azalee Cruise for a day trip, price starting from $62/person.

Gray Line Cruise

Gray Line Halong is a product of Gray Line International – a prestigious American brand founded in 1910. Having more than 100-year experiences in the tourism industry, Gray Line International has been operating and serving travelers in over 700 world-wide destinations. In 2010, this brand officially set foot in Vietnam tourism and brought a new franchisee – Gray Line Halong. More different than other vessels, Gray Line pays serious attention to the travel insurances for its passengers. Since October 2013, this vessel have provided a prestigious travel liability insurance package of US$ 1,000,000. The cruise is also equipped with automatic fire alarm system and risk alert system following American standards.

Gray Line Halong has 2 connecting VIP cabins which can be combined with 1 Deluxe Balcony Cabin to accommodate 6 adults and 3 children. It is the best option for 2 or 3 families travelling together. VIP cabins has the space of 20 square meters with connecting door, Jacuzzi bathtub and private terrace of 10 square meters. Each VIP cabin has the capacity of 2 adults and 1 child with extra bed.

More ideally, other room types in Gray Line such as Deluxe Cabins or Deluxe Balcony Cabins also have the capacity of 2 adults and 1 child with extra bed. These room types are good choices for a young family. In terms of food and drinks, passengers can make advance requests for children menu and other special dishes for diet, vegetarian, etc. A 2 day 1 night trip on Gray Line costs from $126/person, shuttle bus included (more information).

Indochina Sails Cruise

Indochina Sails Cruises – another luxury cruise in Halong Bay is a 5-star product of Huong Hai Junk. Currently, Huong Hai Junk has operated 3 Indochina Sails including Indochina Sails 14 cabins (April 2007), Indochina Sails 15 cabins (November 2008), and Indochina Sails 23 cabins (November 2010). With a fleet of 3 vessels, Indochina Sails offer diverse option in terms of room types for individuals, couples, families, or groups cruising in Halong Bay. There are 4 typical room types including Superior Twin/Double, Deluxe Twin/ Double, Suite Twin/ Double, and Pre Suite Double.

Generally, most of room types in Indochina Sails offer extra bed for kids. However, if travelers prefer a spacious cabin for family, Suite or Pre Suite is a good choice. Similar to other cruises in this list, Indochina Sails always happy to cater all special requests of food, therefore, passengers can make note with the cruise in advance for children food, vegetarian food, etc.

indochina sails suite

Glory Cruise

Being known as a 3-star cruise in Halong Bay, Glory Cruise is a good choice for budget travelers. With Glory 11 cabins and Glory 17 cabins, Glory Cruise provides different room types to meet all requirements of passengers. For a family with children, Family Deluxe Cabin may be a good option. Family Deluxe (Glory 17 cabins) is located on the first floor with connecting room. This room type features panoramic views of the ocean to keep your children amused during a cruise in Halong Bay. If travelers have any request for children food, please inform the cruise when you make a booking, they will serve you as your request.

2 day 1 night trip is from $122/person and 3 day 2 night trip on Glory Cruise is from $199/person, transfer included (reservation and details).

Note on cruise cost for children

  • Most cruises will apply a free-of-charge policy for children under 4 years old.
  • Children from 5 to 11 are charged 75% adult rate, sharing bed with parents. Extra bed or mattress are subject to request and availability.
  • Children 12 and up are considered adults and pay full adult' fares.
  • We offer child seat for young child to use in car transfer, please make advanced request if you wish to use this child seat.

Learn more tips for traveling with children to Halong Bay.

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